Top 5 Real Estate Rookie Mistakes

Real estate can be quite a lucrative field. Many have made their millions through the real estate game, but rest assured it was not always a walk in the park. Every real estate professional has undoubtedly had their pitfalls from time to time. Here are 5 of the most common mistakes that new comers tend to make. Take these to heart and try to avoid them at all costs.


  1. Lack of True Goals – The draw to selling properties is quite high primarily due to the high income potential, but too many people simply believe that the money is going to fall into their laps. Money should not be the only goal for anyone looking to sell real estate. A properly laid out business plan allows the person to have set goals and a pathway to reaching them.
  2. Treating Things Too Personal – Business is always business, but where people fail to properly allocate their spending is within their day to day operations. There personal spending mixes in with their business spending and they do not separate the two. Anything that you do while working that can be written off, should be.
  3. Too Much Potential – New real estate investors have one major flaw when flipping homes. They watch too many television shows about the subject and never really understand that bad investments happen. Potential in a property is one thing, but if the cost to fix it up far outweighs any profit that can be made, it is not worth the trouble of investing. Shows make it look easy on television, but the real estate investor must weigh all the options to avoid getting too deep into the financials of a property.
  4. No Backup – The savvy real estate investor knows how to allocate funds correctly and always maintains a little in their back pocket for slow real estate times. The potential to make an extreme amount of money is always there on properties, but there are no sure things. Even if they think that the buyer is a sure thing, they may in fact simply walk away from the deal. Without a backup nest egg, the investor will not make it out of rookie status.
  5. Not Keeping up with Trends – Those new to the market firmly believe that they are going to blaze a trail across the real estate market and be known as one of the greats. This may in fact happen, but all of the great real estate moguls throughout the world have one important thing in common. They follow the trends of the industry. They read about trends and remain up to date at all times to maximize their income potential.

The real estate world is one of greatness, but also one that can quickly breed failures. Be sure that you are in the group of successes by avoiding these important mistakes. The greats did not get there by accident. It takes time, dedication, and commitment, so do not give up and always keep looking for the next big deal