Improving Energy Efficiency so you can Flip your Properties Faster

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to property flipping, every little bit helps. The more details you get right, the easier it is to sell fast, and secure a good price.

It is extremely important for developers to understand what potential buyers really want from their homes. Knowing this will help you to adapt your properties, so that you always offer what potential buyers are looking for. These days, energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly important consideration.

People know they can only save so much money on their power and fuel bills by using firms like Super Saver Oil, who offer clients several ways to save money. Consumers are acutely aware of the fact that the cost of energy is likely to rise steeply, in the future. Therefore, what most buyers are really looking for is an energy efficient property.

Fortunately, it is not difficult to create a warmer and cosier home. Often, you just need to make some simple changes to make your property more appealing. Many of the ideas discussed below do not cost much to implement. Most are tasks that you could potentially do yourself, which means you just need to find the cash for the materials, and the time to do the work.

Draught proofing

Going around a property and draught proofing it does not take long. Start with the outside. Re-pointing the cement around doors and windows stops a lot of draughts and helps to give the property a cleaner look. This is not always necessary, but it is something you should consider doing.

If your property has wooden windows re-painting them seals the gaps between the various elements that make up the frame. It also makes the property look more attractive.

Inside the property, go around each windows and doors and draught proof them. Use filler to sort out any gaps between the frame and the walls. Consider fitting door sweeps to the bottom of any door that has a gap at the bottom. Where necessary use draught proofing strips to achieve a tighter fit.


These days, most buyers expect the property they are buying to be properly insulated. In most cases, that simply means insulating the loft.

If the property you are selling is a pre-fab, you really should insulate the walls too. This is not always possible, but it is certainly something that you should investigate doing.

Use energy efficient fixtures and fittings

In properties that need a new heating system always fit the most energy efficient type. Keep the brochures and sales material, so that you can show perspective buyers the benefits, and help them to understand how much lower their power bills will be.

When replacing light fixtures and white goods like ovens and hobs always try to fit energy efficient items. Again, be sure to point these out when you show prospective buyers around.

If you would like to learn more about improving the energy efficiency of the homes you are selling, you can do so here. This article contains more in-depth advice.