Things to Consider When Thinking About Where To Live With Kids


Sometimes we don´t really have a choice about where will live – for reasons related to work or family, our options may be limited.  However, with options come lots of questions because we need to think about what is right for ourselves and our family.  Especially if you have children, you need to think very carefully about your priorities – schools, green-spaces and safety will be key considerations. In fact, these features are some of the considerations that have put Rancho Cucamonga on the list of “best places to live.” Find out about townhomes for rent in Rancho Cucamonga to see what makes a great community for families, and also keep these things in mind as you are considering your options:


If you have school-age children, the availability of high-quality schools needs to be very close to the top of your must-have list when considering where to live.  If you plan to be in the home for a number of years, make sure you take account of the options at all grade levels.  Be sure that you have clear information on district zones because sometimes neighbors find themselves in different school districts – be sure that your kids can go to the school you want them to go to.


Green-space should be a key feature of anywhere you live with kids so they have lots of space to run and play.  This can include community centers, public gardens, school grounds and parks.  You should also be on the look-out for skate parks, public pools, wading pools and other places where kids can take in the great outdoors.


Obviously, you want to live in a community that has low crime rates, and you may decide that living in a gated-community is important to you.  You should also try to find out about the level of community activism there is in the area – look for things like block parent signs and neighborhood watch groups.  Safety also includes things like quiet streets or streets with well-controlled traffic, especially in school zones.

Commute times/walkability

If you have children, you can expect to spend a fair amount of time driving between school, afterschool and weekend activities and your own workplace.  An important consideration is how much time you can expect to spend in traffic on a daily or weekly basis.  If you want to encourage walking, are the distances between home and school, or home and other activities, walkable?  If not, is there a public transportation option?  Will older children be able to walk to their friends’ homes, to local stores, and other places or will they be dependent on you to drive them?

Choosing the right place to live when you have children involves thinking about them at different ages and trying to imagine what sorts of things will make everyone’s lives easier at all stages.  Schools, parks, safety and walkability are just some of the things to consider as you narrow down your options to find the best community for you.