Can Renovations Add Value To Your Home?

Remodelling or renovations are usually about aesthetics. You’re probably bored of seeing that wall between the kitchen and dining room, so you decide to tear it down and combine the two spaces together. A little bit of paint and some new furniture could make your home look brand new.


But what if you could do more than simply make your house look better? Could you actually remodel to add value?

Here are seven remodelling projects that can actually help you get a better price for your home:

Kitchen remodelling

Celebrity interior designer Shaynna Blaze recently talked about renovating kitchens and bathrooms. She believes these two areas of the house can add the most value if remodelled correctly. That’s because a new buyer is likely to be a lot more concerned about the kitchen and bathroom than any other room in the house. Not only are these two rooms absolutely essential, but they’re also somewhat expensive to repair. If you can add space to your kitchen, install new appliances and slap on a new coat of paint, you’ll add value to your house right away.

Add a Bathroom

Another great way to add value is by creating an extra bathroom. There is no optimal number of bathrooms per square meter in a house, but suffice to say more is better in this case. Look for underutilized spaces in the house and convert an area into a brand new bathroom. This adds convenience and you’re likely to recoup between 80% to 130% of every penny you spend on this project.

Add A Deck

Adding a deck is not valuable as adding a bathroom, but it could still add value to the house. A lot of new buyers are likely to spend their vacation time at home, which means an outdoor deck is really attractive. Besides, it’s likely you’ll recoup all the money invested into a deck when it comes time to sell. A new deck could cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on how much you do yourself, who you hire to do the rest and how fancy the deck turns out to be.

Make The House Energy Efficient

Probably the most pragmatic investment you could make is in energy efficiency. Installing insulation in the walls and updating the windows can add tons of value to the house. In the meanwhile, these energy upgrades will help you cut costs on your energy and heating bills.

Reinvent a Room

Adding more space and saving energy costs are the two most logical ways to add value to your home. But what if adding more space is simply impossible? What if the kitchen is stretched to the limit, there’s no space for a new bathroom and the energy efficiency is already as high as possible? In this case you can reinvent a room to create more space. Reduce clutter and get rid of old furniture. Experiment with modular beds or sofas to create more space without any heavy remodelling.

The trick to adding value is to look at your home from a buyer’s perspective. If you can spot areas that can be improved affordably, go ahead and get it done. Each of the upgrades mentioned here promise long-term value.