Is It Time to Sell That House?

Is it truly the time that you sold your current home and moved on in your life?

If so, selling that home may not prove as easy as you may have first thought.

Whether it is the local real estate market, the home needing notable repairs, or a combination of both, you may find yourself with a residence sitting and sitting for the foreseeable future. In the process, you are growing frustrated and impatient.

In such cases, having a Plan B in your mind is truly a great idea.

So, is it time to sell that house?


Move That Home Quickly

In the event your current home is not selling as quickly as you would like it to, keep these tips in mind:

  • Outreach – First and foremost, what kind of outreach are you doing in an attempt to sell your home? Are you working through a traditional real estate agent? Are you trying to sell the home on your own? Are you advertising the home via traditional means (newspapers, real estate magazines etc.) and over the Internet? When looking at how to sell my house fast for cash in Dallas, make sure the word is getting around;
  • Condition – While most people would assume your home for sale is in great condition that is all too often not the case in many instances. Yes, you may be in need of some minor repairs here and there, but the emphasis is on the word minor. Unfortunately, having major repairs on your hands is a recipe for disaster. For starters, most people looking to move into a new home are not going to want to spend the time and/or money on major repairs such as a new hot water heater, new roof, major plumbing or electrical issues etc. As a result, you could find it hard to move the home on the real estate market. On the flip side, you will be all but forced to drop the asking price (rather significantly in some cases) if major repairs await the next owner. Do your best to make sure the home is in relatively good condition before listing it on the market. Yes, minor maintenance issues are a hassle, but you stand a much better chance of the home selling sooner rather than later if minor repairs are needed. Even better, you can consider working with a cash buyer, one that is not going to lose sleep over the condition of your home. They will make you an offer no matter what kind of condition the residence is in, saving you the hassles and stress of your home sitting on the market month after month;
  • Timing – Did you decide to put your home on the market at the right time of the year? Yes, homes do sell 365 days a year across America, but some portions of the year will lead to faster sales. For example, springtime is one of the most popular times of the year to move a home. The weather is improving for many areas of the country, people are excited to be coming out of the winter doldrums, and you have the opportunity to present your home in a new light. Summertime is also a busy period of the year, but keep in mind that many people travel during these months, so there might be less potential buyers around than you might think. The fall can also be a good time, though a home needing outdoor work may present a problem. With wintertime around the corner (at least in the colder weather regions of the country), prospective buyers may be less inclined to want to purchase your home, knowing in fact that there is major outdoor work to be done before winter settles in. And as for winter, probably the worst time of the year to try and sell a home (unless you are in a warm weather climate such as Florida or Southern California). Also keep in mind that many potential buyers are not going to want to undergo a major move in the cold weather months, worrying that the weather (snow, ice etc.) could be a factor.

If selling your home is becoming more like a full-time job to you, don’t let it get the better of you.

There are opportunities out there to move your home sooner rather than later, you just need to know where to look for them.