Is an Inefficient Heating System Costing You?

As a homeowner, you know that one of the biggest ongoing expenses can involve heating your home. Not only does your domestic system need to be capable of providing a comfortable temperature controlled indoor environment in the colder months, it also needs to be able to give you enough hot running water for your needs throughout the year.

Utility prices are often in the news these days but it isn’t just how much your fuel costs that makes a difference to your overall heating expenses. If your system is old, damaged or just inefficient you could be paying out a lot more than you realize.



Wasted energy is not only bad for your finances, it also has the potential to damage the environment. This means it is doubly important for you to know exactly what condition your heating system is in so that you can decide if you need to make adjustments or improvements. Inspection of your heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system is something that should be carried out regularly by a professional who knows what they are looking for. This can also help prevent potential problems that can lead to costly and inconvenient unexpected breakdowns.


You can keep an eye on how your system is behaving on a regular basis yourself without the need for outside help. If you hear your boiler or pipework making unusual noises, this can be a significant warning sign. The same goes for an unexpectedly large bill that indicates the system is using more fuel than before. Of course, a drop in water flow rate, a marked variation from the usual temperature, or any unidentified debris in the water coming out of hot faucets should be investigated right away to prevent further, costly issues.


If your central heating system is more than ten years old, you should start to consider replacing it rather than struggling with the inconvenience and expense of maintaining an older system. The latest systems are bound to be more efficient than an older installation and the reduction just in running costs can often mean a significant offset against the outlay needed for the replacement. Installing a new heating system will also minimize any future repair costs and so help to save you money in the long term. Local specialists such as Plumbing Repair Avon, Ohio will be able to help with the diagnosis of any problems you may have with a heating system and be able to recommend the best replacement for your needs and budget.

Financial sense

In the same way that running an old automobile that guzzles gas and costs money in repairs doesn’t make good financial sense, keeping an old domestic heating system that is under performing and inefficient is really the wrong thing to do. You may be very pleasantly surprised with the low costs of installing a totally new modern system and will be guaranteed to save money on fuel and repairs over the long term.