What to Consider Before Installing a Home Security System

The decision to install a security system into your home can provide you with a tremendous source of peace of mind. However, the process of settling on the right service provider can also be a source of great frustration. From manipulative sales tactics to wildly inconsistent pricing options, consumers on the market for a home security system are faced with varying options that vastly differentiate. That’s why deploying a consumer savvy approach to your security-shopping experience is an imperative strategy to endure.

What to Consider Before Installing a Home Security System

Home security, unlike luxury goods, is a significantly important purchase to get right. The wellbeing of you and your family is at stake, so it’s crucial to consider your options and broadly examine the market before settling on which service to install. Whether you’re poised to install a high-quality commercial service such as ADT Security, or simply looking for basic features to protect your family—doing the due diligence of savvy shopping entails a variety of focal points to evaluate.

If you’re currently in the midst of shopping for the right home security installer, here are the basic things to consider:

First determine if installing a security service is right for you…

There are a lot of things you can do to protect your home without having the need to install a sophisticated security system. For example, installing high quality deadbolts on doors, durable window locks, motion-sensor lighting, trained guard dogs (you could always put on your ‘poker face’ and use a “Beware of Guard Dog” sign outside anyway), or consider taking up karate.

Ultimately, a home security system is a considerable investment, so evaluate the valuables inside of your home.

Perhaps you have kids or personal items of extremely high (or sentimental) value. If you feel as though you can afford to lose certain things in your home, may be reconsidering home security installment is the more practical option to pursue.

How do I settle on the right home security installer?

If do intend to install a home security system, there are several things you should know—and that’s doing your research. Ask friends and family members for their (transparent) opinions, compare pricing with competing installers, talk with their customer service department, evaluate any previous complaints from former clients. Also, it’s imperative that you stand on lookout for any unethical business tactics many sellers conduct in order to receive your business. For example, coercing you into making a quick decision, voicing statistics on “recent burglaries” in your area, or giving you limited time to decide before a discount or promotional option is discontinued.

Should you consider alarm monitoring?

Most, if not all home security system providers will give you the option of installing an alarm monitor, which notifies central system monitoring in the event of an emergency that may or may not be present. Once central system monitoring automatically receives that an alarm has been sounded, they will be able to send police or fire officials to your home without consent. There is usually an additional fee to attach this feature, so if you have close-by neighbors or consistently have people occupying your home—this additional cost may not be a practical alternative.

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