Home Builder Explains 5 Things You Should Never do to a New House

Photo by CC user Oatsy40 on Flickr.

The list of things you should do to your new house are endless, and there are also many things that you shouldn’t do. Of course, having a house warming party and setting it on fire is obviously not in one’s best interest. But anyway, here’s a short list of the 5things to be avoided.

1 -Don’t Leave the Locks on the Doors that the Builder Left

Yes, the builder and his team may have been a nice bunch of people and a great team of workers, but the only person who should have access to all of the locks, is yourself. You never know who else might have keys to your home, so change the locks and even go so far as to install new deadbolts on each lock. That will not break the bank, and you will have peace of mind and get a much better sleep at night.

2 -Don’t do Your Own Plumbing

Yeah, you’ve got the new house, but have now decided to have a bath fitted, a new basin top or a new kitchen sink. If you are a plumber by trade and know how to do it, then that’s fine and go ahead. But for the non-plumbers, it’s best to just leave this one to the professionals. It’s not so much that homeowners can’t do this, but most homeowners are not familiar with the safety requirements laid out in the Building Code of Australia (BCA). If seeking professional home builders in Perth, W. Australia, only use a renowned and the best in the business. Plus, if you do make a mistake and mess something up, water is going to get everywhere and may ruin many things. Taking a chance on the risk versus reward just does not play in your favour.

3 – Bedroom Placement

Don’t let a bedroom be near or above the garage if members of your family are going to be coming and going while you are asleep, or getting some rest. It would be a smart idea to keep the master bedroom away from central living areas as well. Bedroom needs to be as far away from the noise and traffic as possible.

4 – Don’t do your own electrical

Same as with #3, except that you have the added danger of getting electrocuted. Not a good idea, simply get in the professionals. RedInk Homes in W. Australia are a qualified, experienced and building specialists who cover all aspects of the trade.

5 -Don’t Move in CurtainLess

Perfectly, you planned it so that the movers will have finished unloading the truck before lunchtime arrives, leaving you enough time to get somewhat settled into your new house.One major part of settling in is having some form of window coverings. You don’t need to tackle all the windows at once, but try to dress the windows in the rooms where people will be. When night arrives, the last thing your family and all of your belongings need is to be on display for neighbours or passer byes to see.You can always tack up a sheet or two until you have time to decide on what kind of curtains, blinds or shades you want to have fitted.Don’t have any more don’ts!