A Design Theme From Within You

If you’re establishing a new home – or maybe even trying to sell your old one – then choosing a consistent interior design theme is a logical starting point.

And in the same way that major corporations decide on appropriate branding for their products and don’t veer from that brand – doing the same with your home will pay dividends.

Green” (CC BY 2.0) by jinkazamah

But this is easier said than done. Adopting a strong theme simultaneously means getting rid of some things in your home which you like and which have value, but which simply don’t fit with your chosen theme. This is tough but necessary.

Similarly, choosing a theme that is right for both you and your house or apartment isn’t easy. It’s something of a “Venn diagram” in the sense that your chosen motif needs to be appropriate both  for the physical building and its environment – and your own likes. The two need to meet in the middle.

You’ll know yourself what theme may be appropriate for your home. But finding the one you love within yourself may be tougher. We all have different moods at different times. So trust your instinct here. Have a look at different classic design themes and decide which one feels right for you.

Once you’ve chosen a theme – and this is the crucial part – stay with it. So if you’ve chosen a chic Italian style for the living and dining areas, then stay with that theme with furniture for the kitchen.


Even within the overall design you’ve adopted, it may be necessary to specialise. For instance, an Italian theme can encompass many different styles. Brands such as Vivendo (for the Italian look) or any other comprehensive furniture design house for alternative looks – are capable of supplying everything you need. And importantly, the same design theme then runs through all the products you buy.

Of course, another way to approach this is by refusing to spend anything significant. Putting your heart and soul into re-decorating yourself costs only paint and materials – along with a lot of elbow grease. Picking up unloved items cheaply at flea markets, garage sales and the like – and putting the love back into them – can have a wonderful overall effect.

Similarly, using products and knick-knacks that mean something to you and that you’ve collected over the years from vacations or European travel etc., can really speak of an interesting character with a genuine creative zest.


Alternatively, your nature may steer you towards minimalism, or all-natural products, or a bright 60s dayglo pop art look.

Other people love certain eras – like a 1940s design with a wall-to-wall floral motif, reflecting post-war optimism.

It’s all a question of deciding what is right for you and your home – then really going for it consistently. But getting the fundamentals right from within your own self is the most important thing here. If it feels right for your instinct, you will not steer yourself wrong.