4 Design Hacks for Making a Room Look Bigger

Checking out the house and land packages in Brisbane is one of the best things to do when you are looking for a new home. Think about it: it is a good community, and almost everything that you need to is accessible from where you live. But what if the perfect looking house comes with a small room? It would be a shame to forego the house just because some of the rooms are not big enough.


The good news is that you do not need a huge construction done to make those rooms bigger. That is a little disruptive, not to mention expensive. Here we will talk about how you can make it look bigger.

Try to avoid big pieces of furniture

The rule here is if it really is not necessary, try not to buy big pieces of furniture. The design convention is that you should be able to mix big pieces of furniture with the smaller ones, and you can still do this with rooms that are not very big. If it is not a piece of furniture you can assemble inside the room, measure the room and the doorway before buying anything, though, there is nothing more annoying than returning furniture just because it could not fit the door.

Make sure enough natural light is coming in the room

Natural light has the capability to optically expand a room that makes it larger than it really is. So do not cover the windows with thick and heavy curtains. Make use of sheer curtains and blinds that will match the colours of our walls. This way, you will still get natural light streaming into your room without sacrificing the need for window coverings.

Avoid making your room feel and look stuffy

Having a lot of elements in a room will make your room look and feel cramped. To help you avoid this, make sure you are following a theme while you are doing a design. Do not be afraid to use the walls like mounting up shelves so you can place some items on them so that you would not need to get more cabinets. Try to use space-saving furniture like coffee tables that can double as a little cabinet.

Decorate the room with anything that draws the eyes upward

A small room does not mean you should sacrifice a good interior design. Want to put a Van Gogh-esque starry night on the ceiling? How about a wallpaper print of different patterns? Make sure that part of your design is something that will veer the eyes towards the ceiling because this will add a seamless look in the room, making it look bigger.

This new home is an investment on your part, so you do not need to sacrifice personal taste just because certain rooms do not look as big as you would have wanted it. Listed here are design hacks to make sure that you can make them look and feel bigger so that guests who will come over, and you of course, will feel comfortable and relaxed.