Top 10 Home Renovation Don’ts

There are many Home Renovation Don'ts of which you should be aware
Photo by CC user United States Navy

So, after finally making the big choice to renovate the home, there has to be a list of do’s and don’ts which will make the big change run all that much smoother. This shall result in getting a happy ending after all the work is completed. Here are 10 home renovation don’ts that one should heed in order to ensure that things work out as they should.

1 – Don’t forget to plan ahead. All major battles were won by planning ahead. After completion, smiles will only result by making all decisions before the work starts. A quality builder will help to show what can and cannot be done, and explain any situations which may occur during the job.

2 – Having made a decision, stand by it. If employing a good contractor, they will help out with most problems that may just occur. If seeking home renovations in Perth, use only the very best. Don’t keep making changes, this will definitely slow down the project and probably will end up costing extra charges.

3 – Remember that not all renovation projects will give an increased sales price, should the home be on the sales market later on in the future. In fact, development may not increase the sales value of the home at all.

4 – Do not use low standard, shonky materials or labour while doing the renovation. If using a respectable contractor, let them select the materials (except if there is a specific reason for what one is inclined towards). Have a chat with the contractor and let them know why a certain material is wanted, and flesh out how they feel about it. They just might from experience, know something that others do not.

5 – Stay out of the builder’s way. Let the builders get on with the job; otherwise, this will slow the work down. Also, keep pets and children out of the way at all times, accidents can and do happen!

6 – In the interests of safety, If possible, do not leave any plumbing, electrical wiring or gas lines in the way of danger or damage, unless it is absolutely necessary.

7– Use imagination and ask some close family or friends if they think the renovation is a good idea. Do not renovate a home that really does not need it, or if what is planned is not such a good idea after all. Builders may have difficulty explaining that, but sometimes it should be said. Once again, let the builder give advice, after all it’s their profession! Addstlye home renovations in Perth offer a reputable and quality job experience.

8 – It will certainly be a good idea to have a contingency fund added into any plans. Many jobs will not go as planned, so plan for the unexpected, as it is always in one’s best interests to be ready.

9 – It might be a good job to stay away from home on a big project. It will make the plan go much smoother, and do not forget to make sure the builder has one’s contact number.

10 – Unless one is an architect or an interior designer, don’t work without a planned floor design. Some projects require a professional in their field, and this will greatly help in coming up with the best of all plans. Good luck and may all one’s plans go as expected!