Why Won’t My Home Sell?

Are you trying to sell your home, yet feel like you’re striking out over and over again?

For many attempting to unload their homes, the feelings of frustration can set in rather quickly.

Whether it is due to a slow real estate market, the home not being in the true condition it requires to attract serious interest, or the asking price is just out of this world, homes can sit on the market for months and even years before finally moving or being taken off listings.

In the event you’ve found yourself in a challenging situation as of late in trying to sell your property, are you going about it the wrong way?


Sometimes Fast is Best

While you may think that getting a cash proposal for your home in 24 hours or less is too good to be true, think again.

Some companies make it so you can get a free cash offer for your home quicker than you might have ever imagined, leaving you with a decision to make. In the process, the offer means not having to go through a real estate agent, along with avoiding various commissions and other fees.

If that sounds too good to be true, it is in fact not.

So, would you take such an offer, especially if you’ve had trouble with your home not moving on the market in the past?

There are myriad of reasons why your home may not move quickly on the market, among which can include:

  1. Market struggles – In many cases, it can be the market itself that is holding your home and thousands and thousands of others back. With a challenging overall economy in the last decade or more for many Americans, home sales have ebbed and flowed along the way. Oftentimes, selling your home all comes down to timing. If you hit the market at the right time, your home can sell like that. Hit it during a struggling time, your home can sit out there for months and months. Knowing when to place your home on the market can oftentimes feel like trying to time the lottery just right;
  2. Overall condition – While some homes for sale just need some minor repairs here and there, many others are requiring sizable repairs. In those latter cases, it all comes down to whether or not the prospective buyer is willing to sink money into their potential new residence. If they choose to, then you might sell the property, but potentially at a smaller price since the new buyer will be making repairs. On the flip side, doing the repairs yourself before you list the home gives you the opportunity to up the asking price, so keep both of those thoughts in mind before listing the residence. Speaking of the home’s overall condition, check for problems such as bugs or animal infestations, mold on the property etc. Any of these issues can require necessary attention before someone is willing to put down an offer to buy the property;
  3. Unrealistic asking price – Are you asking too much for your home? In many cases, the asking price can be scaring off potential homebuyers. Yes, certain markets around the country have sale prices that are through the roof (Southern California, parts of Connecticut, New York State etc. come to mind). The higher prices are oftentimes due to people wanting to live in certain areas of the country due to the weather and/or job opportunities, good schools, top medical care etc. Take a look around your community (especially your immediate neighborhood) to see if your asking price is within reason of what others are trying to get for their homes. If your price seems out of whack with what others of comparable homes are seeking, look to readjust it.

Moving your home can take time and patience, though there are other options available to you if you make the effort and do some research.

If unloading your residence in a hurry is your number one goal, then considering a company that will make you an offer in 24 hours or less can be your best choice.

Otherwise, if you’re willing to sit back and wait to see how things go, just make sure your home is ready to make its debut for many others to view.