Start your Own Mold Restoration Company

Mold restoration is one of the most sought after services, especially in places that have high moisture or wet weather conditions. Starting your own mold restoration company in such an area will not only create job opportunities for the locals but also help you make money doing something that you love. You need to invest in modern mold restoration equipment, such as air movers, commercial dehumidifiers, etc., to offer quality and comprehensive services to your target customers.



Aer Industries is the ultimate provider of advanced mold restoration equipment in the world today. The company has put in place protocols that enable them to retain customers by offering nothing but the best products. Despite the fact that their products are unsurpassed, they are very affordable and ideal for new and experienced mold restoration companies.

Pose Health Risks

Mold release allergens in form of tiny particles that compromise indoor air quality. Inhalation of these allergens can result in sore throat, dizziness, coughing, wheezing, sneezing, runny nose, and dermatitis. If you have had a cold for more than two weeks or one that only seems to take a toll on you at work or at home, could be caused by molds. It is also important to note that even a mild allergy to mold can increase your risk of suffering from memory impairment, asthma attacks, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, and other health complications that can affect your productivity negatively.

Tamper with Buildings Appearance

If growth of mold is not remedied quickly, it can spread to other parts of the house or commercial property, thereby tampering with the original appearance of the building. Aer Industries have a number of equipment that you can use to get rid of the mold completely, and restore the lost beauty.

Contact Aer Industries today for more details about the various mold remediation equipment that you can invest in to elevate your business to the next level of success.