Why Vacation Rentals are Better Than Hotels

Vacation rentals are nothing new when it comes to accommodation options for your vacations, the emergence however of peer-to-peer rentals using sites such as AirBnb have changed the face of how we look for accommodation. With far more vacation rental companies opening up as well, leaders in the sector like Brian Ferdinand are doing great business in the vacation rental market. Hotels are still trading well but private rentals are giving them stiff competition as they offer some things that hotels simply can’t, here are some reasons why we think vacation rentals are better than hotels.


 Group Bookings

 If you are traveling as a large family or a group then it is a no-brainer that you should choose private rental over hotels. Once you tally up the cost for each room for all of the group, considering also that individuals may need to pay for double rooms, the price becomes astronomical compared to hiring a big home for you all to stay in. Not only will they work out cheaper but staying in a big house or apartment together is far more inclusive and you’re bound to have more fun.


 If you are planning on spending a few weeks away then once again, vacation rentals generally come in at a cheaper cost. We are speaking about comparative price here, of course you could pay for a super budget hotel but you will get far more for your money in a private rental.


More often than not in hotels, you will simply have your room and a bathroom, unless you are paying big bucks, because the other amenities are situated at other areas of the hotel. With a vacation rental however, all of the space is your own, the living areas, the kitchen and perhaps even a garden or swimming pool. Remember that when you pay for a holiday rental that you are paying for the whole place and not just a room.

Home Comforts 

With vacation rentals you have the opportunity to live like you would do at home, comforts and all. Wi-fi for example will not come with an exorbitant charge that you must pay, you can blast music throughout the house without a care and kitchens are fully equipped with everything that you need. Vacation rentals aim for a ‘home away from home’ ambience in their properties, something that hotels simply cannot offer.

Food Choices

Vacations are expensive enough when it comes to transport and accommodation and once you add the restaurant prices on top, it quickly adds up. When you stay in a hotel your only options are restaurants whereas staying in a private rental gives you the power to cook what you want, when you want and how you want. Even if the last thing that you want to do when you’re away is to prepare meals, it is nice to have the option to knock up a sandwich when you’re peckish. Shopping in supermarkets for food is significantly cheaper than paying for restaurants all the time and what’s more, you can eat whatever you want.