4 Tips to Get the Most Out of a Yearly Vacation Rental

vacation rental
Photo by CC user Tom Hilton on Flickr.

If you are one of those individuals simply needing to get away from the daily grind on occasion, what do you do?

For some people, it simply means reading a good book or watching a favorite move. Others, meantime, literally throw the bedcovers over their heads and turn off the world. While those ideas may work for some people, doesn’t an actual vacation sound all that much better?

Making those vacation plans even more enticing would be if you have a yearly vacation rental to travel to.

With such a destination in your grasp, you can plan accordingly as to when you want to take your vacation. You can also look into allowing family and/or friends time to rent the property from you (though make sure you get such approval from the individual or individuals you rent the property from in the first place).

So, are you ready to get away from it all on occasion?

What You Need to Know About Your Vacation Plans

In order to get the most out of yearly vacation rentals, keep a few pointers in mind:

1. Working with the property owner – Since the word “rentals” has already been talked about, you know that you are renting the property, not owning it. That said it is important to do your research, making sure any rental company or individual you considering renting from is reliable on a number of fronts. First, have they been renting out properties for a number of years now? If so, they likely have a track record following them around. As such, you can likely get some history on them as to if they’ve had any notable issues with renters etc. Remember, your money will come into play here, so you want to make sure you’re dealing with reputable people;
2. Location, location, location – One of the prime factors in deciding on a vacation rental is of course location. Are you one looking for some summertime adventure, perhaps a little wintertime escape? No matter the time of the year or the purpose for going, make sure you wind up with a location you like. There would be no worse feeling than to select a location and put down money, only to then find out you do not like it. This is why doing plentiful research of the prospective area ahead of time is so important.

Can You Rent the Place Out to Family and Friends?

3. Others enjoying the rental – In the event you would like to rent out the property to others for a weekend or week etc. (essentially sub-leasing), will the site’s owner allow this? Make sure you understand all the rules and regulations before agreeing to rent the property yourself. You might think it is perfectly fine for you to then turn around and rent the property on occasion to those you know, but the owner/s may have other ideas in mind. One of the reasons you may want to rent the location out on occasion is to recoup some of the money you spent in the first place. Just know the terms of the lease so you do not run into any bumps in the road;
4. Taking kids along on the ride – Lastly, do you have kids? If so, it is important that you get to spend quality time with them while on vacation. Yes, couples (and single parents for that matter) do need some alone time, but taking the kids on trips can in fact be very rewarding, not to mention provide a lifetime of memories. Make sure any vacation rental you consider is safe and sound for the little ones in your life. If you are renting near a body of water, the safety of your little one or ones is imperative. The same holds true for any rentals near areas of high traffic or lots of people. Being extra cautious will make for a better trip, not one that potentially turns into a nightmare.

If a yearly vacation rental sounds like something up your alley, what are you waiting for?