A Real Estate Developer at Your Service

Looking for an advisor on Philadelphia’s real estate? Well, you are in luck because now you can actually direct your questions to real estate development veteran Blake Rubin on Quora. A Philly native, Blake Rubin has sold many properties all over the United States, and thus gained a deep understanding on what works and what does not when it comes to real estate development. Blake Rubin achieved this by traveling all over the United States to understand each city’s culture. Luckily, being a people-person, Blake Rubin enjoys traveling, experiencing different cultures and making new friends. He would utilize this to know where each market is going in terms of profit and sustainability.


Blake Rubin’s Early Exposure to Real Estate

It is not surprising that Blake Rubin decided to deal with real estate development when one considers his family background. His father, Adrian, is also a real estate expert, and so is his brother Chase. Blake realized that there is nothing else in the world he would rather make his money from. He thoroughly enjoys all aspects of real estate development: from making plans to develop a piece of real estate, knocking down buildings, rebuilding from scratch, to matching the right family with their dream home. While Blake Rubin has done work the family housing sector, he also has experience in commercial real estate.

Blake Rubin’s Career Trajectory

Blake Rubin is a lifelong learner. He double majored in Architecture and Art History and minored in Urban Planning. This gave him a bird’s eye view of all his interests. After college, Blake Rubin took up various internships in different community groups in Philadelphia. This gave him precious knowledge to quench his thirst and curiosity about making his beloved city a sustainable city for everyone. Today, many might question his reasons for why he devotes a lot of his time developing Philadelphia’s real estate market. He would tell you that Philadelphia has so much room to grow. Compared to the other more popular cities in the east coast, Philadelphia’s real estate prices are more affordable for middle and lower income families dreaming of a place to call home sweet home.

Blake Rubin Champions the Middle Class

Philadelphia has seen some changes in its land and property development. Blake Rubin believes that he would be able to keep Philadelphia affordable for middle and lower income families. Indeed, he has made the sustainability of Philadelphia’s real estate market the main motivation behind his Masters degree studies. After achieving his Masters degree, Blake Rubin aims to establish his own non-government organization to make sure that middle class families remain able to afford their own homes. Indeed, there is no other better expert beside Blake Rubin when it comes to answering questions about the importance of hiring a professional when it comes to questions about property. A well-seasoned real estate developer would not only help you to minimize risk, but also maximize profit. Whether you are a newbie in the real estate market or looking for a good deal, the easiest way to get started is to ask Blake Rubin, easily accessible in Quora.