Top 7 Home Renovations That Pay Off

So you’re thinking of putting your home on the market. The best time of year is in the late spring so families can move once their children are out of school or in the fall before winter weather hits. Competition during those peak markets means you need to have your home looking its finest.

Home Repair after Flood

If you’ve planned far enough in advance, you should have time to make some upgrades to get the best value for your home and beat out the competition. But not all upgrades are equal. An updated kitchen will go further than an in ground swimming pool A few dollars spent on spruced up landscaping or fresh paint will see a larger return than a new shed. But if you have bigger issues like a leaky roof, it is important to fix these problems, or you will be faced with low ball offers.

Hiring a quality contractor is key to saving costs and working on a tight timeline. Jonathan Bunge is a renovation expert in the greater San Diego area who recommends leaving as much time as possible to get the job done.

Here are the best upgrades you can do before putting your home on the market.

1 Kitchen

An updated kitchen is the most popular renovations for earning back most of your investment. Even if you don’t take it to the studs, certain upgrades –granite counters, hardwood or high-end tile floors, stainless steel appliances islands and lighting attract attention and can increase value.

2 Hardwood floors

Everybody loves a hardwood floor. They are easy to maintain, keep clean and give the house a homey feel. If you have well-loved hardwoods, consider giving them a light sanding and a new coat of sealant.

3 Premium carpets

Carpets, particularly in the bedrooms are always popular but only if they are in pristine condition. If you need to replace them, consider the cost of upgrading to hardwoods to match throughout the house.

4 Master bath

Upgrading the master bath to add storage and modern luxuries Jacuzzi or steam room will make your home a quick sale. If this is out of your budget, redoing the grout and updating the faucets and adding a rain shower can modernize any bathroom.

5 Upgraded lighting

Good lighting improves any room. Consider ditching the old track lighting for new attractive halogen lights. Add lighting to spaces that might not have any.

6 A finished basement

After kitchens and bathrooms, a finished basement that utilizes storage and creates more space for the family to spread out is the best investment you can make.

7 Landscaping

Cleaning up your yard and adding things like stone paths, fencing and lighting will make your home appear even better. Don’t discount the impact that curbs appeal has on potential buyers.