Invest in a Storage Unit Today

Protect your possessions - invest in a storage unit
Photo by CC user Flexbox Self Stockage on Wikimedia Commons

If your home or apartment feels like it is literally closing in on you, perhaps it is time to invest in a storage unit.

As many people can tell you, it doesn’t take all that long to accumulate items over the years. Before you know it, you have a residence where you barely have room to turn around without tripping over something.

To lessen the chances of that taking place, you typically have two options in front of you.

One, do a thorough house cleaning and get rid of as much stuff as possible. In doing so, you might be surprised at some of the items you kept over the years. Two, still do some cleaning out, but also find storage near you to alleviate some of the mess at home.

So, is it time that you invest in a storage unit?

Shopping Around for the Best Solution

In order to locate the best storage solution for your requirements, keep the following tidbits in mind:


  1. Needs – First and foremost, what are your priorities when it comes to a storage unit? Do you need a fairly large one to accommodate a vehicle, furniture, lots of boxes, file cabinets full of paperwork? Once you have a better idea of what you will be using the unit for, it makes it much easier to find the right unit. Certainly have an idea of approximately how much you plan to put in the unit, along with getting measurements of any units you look at;

  3. Location – If you are renting a unit in a town you already live in, it is typically easier to find what you want, especially if you have lived locally for a number of years. In the event you are locating to a new community for work or just a change of scenery, do a little research ahead of time as to what storage facilities are there and nearby. You don’t want to end up renting a unit that involves a hefty drive to get to. You also want a facility that is easy to access, avoiding heavy traffic areas;

  5. Security – The last thing you want to do is get a phone call from a storage facility owner where you are renting that there was a break-in. As a result, some or all of your stuff has been stolen or damaged. Lessen the odds of such an occurrence taking place by renting from a secure facility the first time around. Sure, just about no system is 100 percent foolproof to thieves, but you can do as much as possible to thwart such criminals by renting a unit that is protected not only by video cameras and locked doors, but also by solid entrance practices. The entrance to the facility should be gated, offering either a key entry or a password code. If the facility you look at does not seem to have put a big investment in security, move along and find what that has;

  7. Damage control – Finally, would you feel secure putting your valued possessions in a unit that did not offer climate control temperatures, had a sizable amount of bugs and other critters overtaking the facility, almost never emptied outside garbage cans, had weeds and grass that was rarely tended to, and tried to cover up the fact that mold was prevalent on the grounds? Always make sure any unit you consider renting does not offer any of those disgusting features. The climate control factor is huge, especially if you consider how even a little dampness inside a unit can lead to major mold issues. You also do not want a facility where bugs seem like the common resident. Yes, it is hard to remove all bugs and pests entirely from a facility, but you don’t want them invading your boxes and other items on a regular basis. If the unit (and place in general) looks dirty when you examine it, keep moving along.


When it comes time for you to invest in a storage unit, do what is required of you that is some homework.

In taking the time to find the right facility, you and your possessions will rest easier.