Using your First Home Owners Grant Wisely

Your first home owners grant can help you afford a starter place
Photo by CC user Vesahjr on Wikimedia Commons

The Australian government has seen the need for some assistance for first time property buyers, and has recently increased the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) to $10,000. This is a considerable amount of money, especially at a time when the outlay is so high, and it comes as a welcome relief to many young couples. The list of things to buy seems endless, so here are some ideas on how best to utilise the grant money.

Furnishing the home

An important thing to consider as one must have certain essentials, such as bedding, tables and chairs, and carpets, and although most people will already have some furniture to use in the new home, there are always additions that need to be bought. Of course, one has to slowly accumulate the desired furnishings, so perhaps a few essentials to start with. People who wish to apply for the first home owners grant in WA, can contact a reputable builder who will assist in the claim.

Domestic appliances

These are expensive items and $10,000 would certainly go a long way towards providing the essentials, such as a cooking range, a fridge/freezer, and a washing machine. Non-essentials, such as dishwashers and dryers can wait until the finances are healthier, so focus on what is needed now.

The kitchen

Perhaps the most important room in the house, the kitchen can gobble up money like there is no tomorrow. One can certainly plan for the future, and by gradually adding items, eventually the room will be perfect. For more information about buying a first home, click here to contact a specialist builder who will oversee the entire process on the buyer’s behalf.

Blinds or curtains

These are classed as a necessity, and a nice set of interior blinds would not break the bank. The range of styles and colours ensures that any home can be enhanced with the right screening, and one might also consider window security film, which not only prevents intrusion, it also acts as an insulator, keeping out the harmful UV rays, and making the living space more comfortable.

Garden equipment

Of course, everyone in Western Australia must have a comfortable garden, which is ideal for the long summer days. One might consider a barbeque range, with some nice garden furniture, and with a nice patio, the setting is complete. One might decide to spend a portion of the grant money on having the garden landscaped, and if a person has green fingers, the DIY route will save a lot of money.

The bedroom

The room everyone loves to spend time in, the modern bedroom is more than just a place to put one’s head down, so perhaps some stylish wardrobes, or an exotic bed, to make one feel pampered at the end of a hard day at the office. The bedroom is a good place to start with home decoration, and with some shrewd shopping, there are bargains to be had.

Home security

It makes sense to protect one’s assets, and with modern technology, home security is no longer as expensive as it once was. CCTV can be installed for a reasonable cost, and this acts as a deterrent to any burglar, who is looking for an easy entry. An alarm system can be fitted to all windows and doors, and with remote viewing, one can relax when on holiday, safe in the knowledge that the home is protected.