2017 Market Trends: Why two-storey homes are on the rise in Perth

Photo by CC user Bob Mical on Flickr.

Making a move in the property market can be a daunting yet thrilling experience, from choosing the right block for your lifestyle to making sure you don’t blow your budget, there is a whole range of important decisions to be made.

One of the biggest considerations before you make your first move is whether you want to build a single or two-storey home. Here at New Level two storey homes, we have seen first hand the shift from single storey’s to double storey’s.

In the last few years, property sizes in Perth have been on the decline with the UDIA revealing that in 2015 property sizes were the smallest on record, falling a further 7.7% from the previous year.

The emergence of smaller property sizes and the ‘narrow lot trend’ along with the growing population of Perth has resulted in the increasing popularity of two-storey homes and more people deciding to build up instead of out in order to create a home that fits their lifestyle.

For those who have or are looking at purchasing a smaller property, building a two-storey home is the best option for you and here’s why.

Cheaper Land

Gone are the days where building a two-storey home was an unattainable goal, the changing property landscape has meant that two storey’s have become just as affordable as single storey homes and in some circumstances even cheaper.

Single storey homes often require more space and in turn need to be built on more expensive blocks, meaning the overall cost of building remains quite high. Choosing to build a two storey’s can be far more affordable as it gives buyers the option to purchase a smaller block while still keeping the same amount of living space.

Choosing a smaller property size means you can put the money you saved from purchasing the smaller, narrower lot of land into developing additional features of your new home such as the dream kitchen or uber modern bathrooms.

Location Choices

In Perth, the demand to be close to the CBD is growing with people wanting to minimise commute times. As a result people are more than happy to build on a smaller block of land, closer to the city, to enhance their lifestyle. Also this applies for those who want to maximise the views to as smaller blocks can often be found at more desirable locations closer to the beachfront areas.

Maximise Space

With the addition of a second story, you can keep your home small while still having all the room you need. The design that you choose can give far greater living space than a traditional single storey home and gives you the option for a large open balcony so you can spend every Sunday in the sun.

Not only can you maximise your living and recreation space, the home design also allows you to separate your living area from your sleeping. This is ideal for younger families as it allows your kids to sleep soundlessly while you continue to socialise or watch television well into the night. This segregation of spaces can also make your feel a lot more open, while still giving you the privacy you want.

Street Appeal

There is no doubt that a two storey home looks more impressive from the street than a single storey home and has the ability to make your home look quite large from the street.

You can also inject a bit of personality into your design and make it a reflection of yourself with greater design options available. While the property market is constantly changing, there is no sign that property sizes will start to increase any time soon. Builders and homeowners alike, need to start redefining their traditional ideas of two storey living and make their property size and design work for them.

If you’re looking at purchasing land, the first thing to consider is your land size as this will be the most important factor in determining what sort of home would best suit you and more often that’s not that’s a two storey home. Then comes the fun stuff, try not to stress and enjoy the home building experience!