The Difference of Retiring Rich

A news report recently announced that if the UK does not invest an approximate of 90,000 homes for its aging population in five years’ time, there will be a housing crisis. Other countries are also having dilemmas in managing the accommodation of their seniors. Aging is a part of life that is inevitable, but often people fail to plan for it effectively. Nobody, however, wants to be the old man or woman squatting in their son’s or daughter’s basement twenty or thirty years from today. In fact, nobody wants to reduce his life quality when he retires by going to sad, deadbeat nursing homes.


Now, imagine downsizing to a smaller home that would be perfect for just you or both you and your spouse in an upscale community with all the amenities you’ve ever dreamt of. Think excellent meals, a well-manicured golf course, a big pool, well- equipped gym and wellness spa and even special care facilities. This life is the kind of retirement plan that is, at recently, popular in retirement villages across the UK. These are community homes that have sparked the real estate industry, and anyone who does not want to compromise his or her life quality after retirement should consider applying for it.

After living life in the fast lane, waking up early to go to work and barely ever getting a vacation, it wouldn’t hurt to live literally in a vacation-like retirement community. With options ranging from cottages and bungalows, to apartments and condominium units overlooking greenery, you’d never ask for more. Over a hundred companies are already investing in high-quality retirements homes, so there isn’t a valid reason to not start saving up for one. Most of these firms require an assignment fee that ranges from 10% to 20% of the property price. The service charges for these homes add up to several thousand pounds a year, depending on what facilities are used. Such communities exist in other parts of the world as well and you can find entire neighborhoods of condos for sale, where you can live a quality life with all the amenities and services for these properties.

It’s never too late to meet new people and make friends even at your golden age. What better place to make lasting friendships than on a beautiful lounge overlooking a blooming garden over a cup of tea. This serenity is yet another benefit of these exclusive retirement communities, in addition to its top- notch services, state-of-the-art facilities and premium safety. Instead of staying alone all day in a huge, quiet house, consider a vibrant environment with new people to meet and countless activities to keep you mentally and physically healthy. With this bright prospect, retiring isn’t such a looming idea. A lot of seniors are already in awe and living their dream in an ever- growing luxurious retirement village. One should always think about his future early on, including the possibility of retiring rich.