Cell Phone Towers and Lease Advisors

Cell Phone Towers may be unsightly, but you can make a decent sum from having one put on your land ... photo by CC user Nachoman-au on wikipedia.org

If you’ve been approached to lease your land as a cell-phone tower site, you have a lot to think about. This could be a profitable deal for you, if you know how to negotiate your lease terms. You may be familiar with cell towers, but if you haven’t dealt with leasing land for them, it’s wise to get advice from professionals. There are many fine points you should be aware of, and unless you have experience in the business, you may find yourself out of your league. In order to have negotiating power, you need to fully understand how everything works. If you try to handle this transaction without adequate knowledge, you can end up with unfavorable lease terms. Get a lease advisor to help you land the best deal for your property.

Lease Advisors to Look For

When selecting a lease advisor to help you with your cell-tower lease, make sure you work with a professional who:

  • Has experience in site acquisition, so he or she knows that end of the business

  • Represents you as the landowner, rather than being an advocate for the carrier

  • Can get you the fairest deal

Things to Think About When Leasing Your Property

If you are offered a few hundred dollars to lease your land or building’s rooftop to a cell phone carrier so the company can build a tower on it, you have to stop and think about what this arrangement will entail. You may think the carrier’s monetary offer is fair enough, but after consulting with a lease advisor, you might realize why you deserve a better deal. For example:

  • There will be constant vendor access.

  • Workers will show up on your property for construction.

  • You will have to deal with a tower on your property for the duration of the lease.

Reasons Not to Go to Negotiations Alone

As a potential landlord for a cell-phone tower, you need to be armed with information before you show up at lease negotiations. Going to these meetings without a lease advisor is like going to a courtroom without a lawyer. Some reasons you need representation are:

  • You’ll be dealing with the big boys in negotiations.

  • Cell phone companies want your land because you have a prime spot, so you should be properly compensated.

  • There are fine points to add to the lease, such as those dealing with landscaping, taxes, zoning, and revenue sharing.

If you are considering leasing your land or building for the construction of a cell-phone tower, get the best lease terms possible. The way to do that is to hire a professional lease advisor to represent you during the lease negotiations.